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Institute Industry Integration At SBS
In order to extend the best possible Management Education to aspiring students of Nagpur and to motivate them to excel in their dream profession of Management, SBS has structured a career path, in a manner that facilitates in providing the industry with a ready to absorb finished product in the form of custom tailored executives. The path has been structured after elaborate interactions with a fair number of Professional Executives spread over Manufacturing, Service, FMCG, Financial and Other Sectors.

Both the courses being offered, i.e. MBA and PGDM are spread over two years with an internship programme of ten weeks in between. Both the programmes contain industry integrated subjects in every semester; and each of the subjects warrants a minimum of 40 hours of field oriented learning followed by a specified Research Report. These subjects entail at least 200 hours of Class Room Learning and 600 hours of Field Learning which are structured sequentially throughout the two year period. And, SBS proposes to dedicate every Saturday for the cause of Institute Industry Integration.

Drawing the example from MBA, the syllabus offers an elective subject titled Field Study in the first semester; Proficiency Management in the second semester, Summer Internship Project (SIP) of ten weeks during the summer vacation, Field Report in the third semester, and Project Report in the fourth semester. The PGDM Programme also contains similar subjects spread over six trimesters. It is here, that SBS has carved out an Institute Industry Integration wherein the Industry can step in and make use of the Academic Forum to obtain a Researched Solution for any of the Key Performance Concerns (KPCs).

The integration starts with the identification of a Key Performance Concern of the Organisation, which can be shared with an External Periphery, for a Researched Solution. The Concern can be identified by means of a couple of Joint Brainstorms with our expert faculty by the industry executives. The outputs of the Brainstorms should lead to the Identification of the Key Performance Concerns; Objectives of the Research; Scope of the Study; Research Methodology; Structure of the Study for each of the Elements viz. Field Study, Proficiency Management, SIP, Field Report, and Project Report; and Method and Means of Stage-wise Evaluation.

The entire process can be implemented by custom designed Mentor- Mentee- Monitor. After the final evaluation, on basis of the outcome, a Certificate of Accreditation can be issued to the Student. If found fit, of which SBS is confident, the student can even be absorbed at the Entry Level Executive Cadre.

The idea of “Evolving Solutions to the Key Performance Concerns of the Industry through Institute Industry Integration” is an innovative venture of SBS aimed for multi beneficial posture. The students are tuned to address the Practical Performance Concerns of the Industry, whereas the Industry can vie for a Custom Tailored Executive, apart from solutions to any of the Pressing Concerns. The Study Linkage Model for two of the KPCs are listed for ready reference.

Key Performance Concerns-Study Linkage Model

Example 1
Key Performance Concern : Talent Retention
Field Study : Attrition Facts
Proficiency Management : Analysis and Interaction
Summer Internship : Whole time In -house exposure
Field Report : Identification of satisfaction drivers
Project Report : Retention Strategy

Example 2
Key Performance Concern : Product Leadership
Field Study : Competition Facts
Proficiency Management : FAB Analysis
Summer Internship : Whole time In -house exposure
Field Report : Customer Reach
Project Report : Product Leadership Strategy
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